“Yes, We Are Free Now” – Story of Hope in the Libyan Desert

March 23, 2011 by Open Doors in General

libiyan believer

In the midst of the current chaos and unrest in Libya, John, a secret believer, was traveling covertly by jeep from one location to another at the mercy of escorts, hoping to escape to another country. He and a few others had been dropped off at an oil field in the middle of the desert to await the driver who would escort them to the next location. A close encounter with armed oil-field workers who thought they were bandits alerted John to the dangers that existed and he silently praised God for His protection on the trip so far. He later wrote to update his progress and share his story of hope.

“So, we kept waiting and hoping our contact person would show up,” John explained, “because otherwise we would have to take the dangerous route back to our previous location and wait there for an opportunity to get out. Finally our contact shows up, coming out of the desert. As he stops his car we head to great him. As he opens the jeep’s door, I think I recognize the music from his car as being Christian worship songs, but I cannot believe it…. Anyway, since I had been [one of the] the guys in the trunk on the trip to this location I get the opportunity to ride with driver Samy as we continue our journey. And indeed Samy is listening to a cassette of Christian worship. Songs like “Jesus, only you” and “Blessed are those who dwell in the house of the Lord.” You can just imagine how happy and hopeful I get. So I ask Samy what the music is about and he replies, “Yes, we are free now!”

John ended his story by saying, “May his people really experience in the coming days or weeks not only political freedom, but also personal and religious freedom, may they indeed be freed from the grip of Islam on their life and respects a person’s freedom of faith-choice. Keep praying for us. God be praise.”

Father, only in You is there true freedom, freedom that cannot be taken away by the whims of politicians. We do pray for political freedom for the people of Libya and especially for protection of Your church there that they might worship freely. But during this time of chaos and unrest there, we pray that Your message of freedom from spiritual death would be proclaimed across the land that people would come freely before Your very presence in the name of Christ. Indeed with John we praise you! Amen


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