Strong Spiritual Attack in Closed Country

May 4, 2017 by Brianna Nishie in Prayer updates

In an unnamed country closed to Christianity, the older generation in a family has been involved in sharing the Gospel, bringing others into a saving faith in Christ, and discipling new secret believers to build a strong relationship with their Savior. There is severe extremism and violence in their country, and one of their children, Majid*, has come under an intense spiritual attack. He wants his parents to renounce their faith.

The locals say djinn have entered Majid and he should be taken to a holy man for exorcism. Majid’s family believes that praying to Christ and trusting the Lord is what will heal him. Doctors have found nothing physically wrong with him, but his condition is beyond belief and they are very worried. The neighbors also continue to harass the family about the situation.

“My wife is convinced that someone has become suspicious of our Christian ministry,” says Majid’s father, “and cast a spell on our son who has always struggled with whether his identity is Christian or Muslim.”

Please pray for this precious, embattled family as they seek God’s direction and healing, and that they would not be forced to leave another town for safety reasons. “All our lives we have been refugees, from one city to the next. Now we want to stay here and serve this city with the Kalaam (Word of God). That is why Shaitaan (satan) has attacked us—so we will stop preaching. We won’t,” says Majid’s father.

*Not his real name

Father, we lift before You Majid, caught between the Christian faith of his family and his fear of violent men. Bring healing to his troubled mind and cast out the enemy who would snatch him away. Hedge him about with Your hand of protection; restore his soul and lead him in the paths of righteousness. Give wisdom to his family as they seek Your direction and healing and as they seek to be a witness to You in this place. Give them courage and opportunity to continue preaching the gospel of Christ here where the need is so great. In the name of Jesus, who has pity on the weak and the needy when they call upon Him and saves them. Amen.

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