Studying for Exams in the Wake of Terror

February 3, 2014 by Open Doors in General


As a new wave of violence has swept through Baghdad in recent weeks and the children have been especially impacted. Many young students are currently going through their mid-year exams and this terror, though all too familiar, adds to the backdrop of anxiety.

Sadly, scores of Christians from Baghdad have already fled to the northern region of Iraq or to other countries. Many of the Christians remaining in Baghdad dream of a new life outside the violence-ridden country where the deafening sounds bombs and explosions have become a daily occurrence. For the children, the task of focusing on studies and exams is exasperated. Open Doors attempts to help these children by publishing children’s books and hosting trainings for the teachers and schools they support in the central and southern areas of Iraq, but the needs of struggling students remain overwhelming. The Open Doors staff and their parents have asked that you join in prayer with them; asking specifically that they are filled with calm and peace, and that they remain a pillar of strength for their children. They also ask that we pray for that their children will be able to focus and do well on their exams.

Father, we lift up these children struggling to learn and study and sit for exams in the midst of the violence that has become their normal. Comfort them with Your peace and give them the focus they need to take their exams successfully. Give the ma future and a hope, Lord, in the midst of what could otherwise be crushing despair. Grant them patience with their parents who face the daily challenges of putting food on the table and protecting their children from harm and deciding whether they can, or should, leave the city or remain. Grant both parents and children wisdom and protection and courage each day as they set off to work or school not knowing if they will return safely to their homes and families. Be their constant presence, Lord. In the name of Jesus, our rock of hope in this shattered world. Amen.

Join others in praying.