Sudanese Mother In Agony Over The Abduction Of Her Daughter

February 23, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Sudan Girl Abduction

A Christian widow in north Sudan pleads for our prayers over the kidnapping of her daughter eight months ago by suspected Islamic extremists in Khartoum. “Since my daughter was kidnapped, I have been living in a state of fear and terror,” said Ikhlas Anglo, 35, a mother of two daughters. Her 15-year-old daughter, Hiba Abdelfadil Anglo, went missing while returning from the Ministry of Education in Khartoum on June 27, 2010. Hiba, a member of Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Khartoum, had gone to the education ministry office to obtain her transcripts for entry to secondary school.

Two days later, the family received threatening phone calls and SMS messages from the kidnappers, telling them to pay 1,500 Sudanese pounds (US$560) in order to secure the daughter’s return. Anglo and others said they believe the kidnappers are Muslim extremists who have targeted them because they are Christians, and that police are aiding the criminals. She said that when she went to a police station to open a case, police bluntly told her she must first leave Christianity for Islam. A relative of the girl said police are fully involved in the crime, as officers had traced the phone number of the kidnappers but were reluctant to admit that to the girl’s family. Adding to the anguish, Anglo was dismissed from her job when she took time off to search for her daughter.

Uncertain of her daughters well being, Anglo continues to find ways to rescue her from her captors.

Christians in north Sudan are anticipating increased persecution due to a referendum that gave the right of self-determination to the people of south Sudan, the majority of whom are Christians. On January 9, south Sudan voted for secession in order to establish a zone free of sharia (Islamic law). Northern Christians fear further dangers after July 9, when south Sudan will officially become an independent nation.


“I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.'”(Isaiah 41:13) Father, we pray earnestly for Anglo to be encouraged by Your Holy Spirit, and to press on in her quest to find her daughter. Please cover her with Your peace and guidance at this time. We also ask for protection over Hiba, that she will be safe and soon reunited with her family. Strengthen the Christians in north Sudan as they face an uncertain future, and may they rely on Your power and rule over their lives. Amen”

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