Sudan’s Most Powerful and Dangerous Man

February 13, 2015 by Open Doors in Africa

Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, usually referred to as ‘Bashir’, was born to a family of Arabic, Bedouin descent in a town just north of Sudan’s current capital, Khartoum. He joined the Sudanese military at the age of 16, quickly rose in the ranks and fought alongside Egyptians in the Yom Kippur War against Israel in 1973. He remained in the army until 1989, when he led a group of army officers in ousting the government of Sudan. 

At the time, Sudan had already experienced a bloody civil war which began in 1983 and didn’t come to a halt until 2005. It was at this point that the Christian ‘South Sudan’ and the Islamic ‘Sudan’ reached a peace treaty. Under Bashir, Sudan’s agenda has always been Islamic to the core. Muslim Background Believers are at high risk of persecution from not only the family, community, and tribe, but also the government. In 2014, a Christian woman with a deceased Muslim father was sentenced to death for her faith. Thanks to international pressure and many prayers from Christians around the world, Meriam Ibrahim not executed and was eventually allowed to leave the country.

Bashir is also responsible for the ongoing violence in Darfur (West-Sudan) and the regular attacks and airstrikes against the people of the Nuba Mountains (towards the South), including large numbers of Christians. Out of sight from the rest of the world, many lives are still being destroyed by this man and his regime.

How to pray

Bashir was the first sitting president ever to be indicted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague (the Netherlands). A warrant for his arrest has been issued, but he has so far avoided arrest and thus has not gone to trial. Right now, he is Sudan’s most powerful man. Pray that God will change him and that Bashir will reform his country into one where justice prevails.

Join others in praying.