Tajik Husband Denies Wife

August 7, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Tajik Husband Denies Wife

Mehriban, a married woman and the mother of two young boys, recently visited Sunday service at a nearby church where she repented and prayed to receive Christ into her heart. Now a believer in Christ, her husband, Bakhtiyar, a Muslim, at first did not fully understand what had happened to her. But once he realized that his wife had become a Christian, and is now following Christ, he demanded that she deny Christ and return to the prophet Muhammad and Islam. Mehriban refused and began telling him about Christ, sharing her personal testimony. Bakhtiyar, who practices a Salifi type of Islam, became very angry and began to beat her.

Still refusing to deny her new faith, one morning he beat her so badly that she was taken to the hospital. After Mehriban left the hospital, he kept insisting that she leave Christ and come to the “right way.” But she responded that she would not leave Christ and would be committed to Christ the rest of her life. Bakhtiyar then told her that she is kapir (betrayer of the true religion) and that he doesn’t need a Christian wife anymore. He said he will be looking for Muslim wife, that he is leaving her. He went to the capital to stay with his parents.

Today, Mehriban is confident in her decision to follow Christ but is concerned about her future. In her culture a single woman, let alone a single mother, is often shunned. She has requested our prayers in helping her to remain strong in faith, that her faith will grow, and that the Lord will provide for the family’s needs. She also asks for prayers for her estranged husband, that he too will find Jesus.  

Father, with sorrow in our hearts, we lift Mehriban before Your faithful, compassionate presence. Comfort her, Lord, and strengthen her as she raises her boys to love and serve You. Give her words to speak as they raise questions, wondering where their father is. Protect their hearts from anger and bitterness toward her and draw them into faith in Christ as well. And we pray for Bakhtiyar, that the words of testimony that Mehriban spoke will take root in his heart. Bring others into his life who will speak words of truth from Scripture and, through Your Spirit, use the Word spoken to breathe life into his heart and mind. In the name of Jesus who brings sinners out of darkness and into the light of the gospel. Amen.

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