Teenager tortured for her faith set to make ‘full recovery’

November 3, 2011 by Open Doors in General

ugandan hands

Susan Ithungu (14), who was left hospitalized and unable to walk after her father tortured her for becoming a Christian, has been discharged from the hospital. Although she still needs to use a wheelchair and crutches, doctors remain optimistic that she will make a full recovery.

Susan was locked in a dark room by her father for six months. Her brother Mbusa kept her alive by slipping roasted bananas through a hole under her door and by pouring water through it as well. At the time of her rescue in October 2010, Susan was unable to walk or talk. According to Pastor Baluku from the Full Gospel Church, her black hair had turned yellow and she had long fingernails, sunken eyes and weighed around 3 stones (about 42 pounds).

During her eleven months in the hospital, members of the Full Gospel Church in Bwera often visited and prayed with Susan. Ms. Dreda, who cared for Susan throughout this time, has now offered to take her in. A divorced mother of four from a Muslim background, the added responsibility will be a strain on Ms. Dreda’s limited resources, but she is confident that the Lord will provide.

Susan’s father still wants nothing to do with her, and no family members are willing to care for her. Despite this discouragement, Pastor Baluku says Susan is spiritually stronger, loves praying and enjoys singing hymns. “Every time I go to see Susan, I leave their place feeling greatly encouraged! She is truly an inspiration.”

Open Doors has stepped in to help take care of Susan’s immediate needs such as food, clothing, toiletries and reading materials. The hope is that when her doctors are satisfied with her recovery she will go to a primary school not far from Ms. Dreda’s home.

Also, Open Doors has launched a writing campaign for Susan where you can send her a letter of hope and encouragement.

Father, You are truly a God who works in the hearts and minds of men to draw them to Yourself. Thank You for the way Your Spirit has both converted Susan’s soul and strengthened her to follow You courageously. Thank You for Your healing touch on her body and we pray now that You will continue to mature her in the faith in her new home with Ms. Dreda. Pour out Your blessing upon them; overwhelm them with Your presence in their midst. And as You have drawn Susan to Yourself, we pray



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