A “Thank You” Message from Pastor Zhang Rongliang

December 15, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Pastor Zhang

The following is the translation of a “thank you” message from Zhang Rongliang to all who have prayed for him and his family during his incarceration since December 2004.¬†Leader of the China for Christ Church in Fangcheng, Henan Province, he was granted early release on August 31, 2011.
“Thank God for His protection through so many years of ministry and imprisonment. I am grateful to so many brothers and sisters from within as well as outside China who have not ceased praying for me.

“I want to especially thank those from overseas who have sent me cards and letters to encourage me; even though I do not understand what you have written [in English], you have given your support and strength. Through the grace of God, the ministry that I was able to do while in prison was a result of your prayers.

“I request that you continue to pray for me and ask God to take care of my health as I continue to serve Him, because my diabetes and hypertension are quite serious.

“Please pray for my family as well. I am already 60 years old and have spent 16-17 years in prison. Because of my life’s calling, my wife has suffered for much of our married life. May God continue to watch over her, my two sons and daughters-in-law, as well as three grandchildren, and help them to hold on and grow close to Him.

“The spiritual books that you have supplied to us throughout the years have resulted in much growth in our church – in strength, our love for God, our faith and our maturing in Him. The Church in China is indebted to your faithful support for her growth; without it, the Church would not be what she is today.

“So I want to thank you very much once again. Please pray that I will be even more greatly used by God in the days ahead.”

Father, thank You for the example of faithfulness You have given us through the life of Pastor Zhang Rongliang. We give You praise for the work You have done through his life in prison and in freedom. Thank You for his recent release after his lengthy imprisonment, and we pray that You will sustain him and his family in the years to come. We especially pray for his health, that you will guide the doctors in bringing under control the diabetes and hypertension that hinders his health. We pray that You would comfort his wife and that You would pour out special blessing over her for all the suffering she has undergone, for the way she has been the strength and support of their family during Pastor Zhang’s imprisonment. And protect and strengthen the faith of his children and grandchildren, that they might continue Your work there. In the name of Jesus our Protector and Healer, Amen.


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