The Barriers of the Gospel in Kenya

May 14, 2015 by Open Doors in Africa

The majority of the population professes to be Christian, and there is full freedom of religion in Kenya.

The church in Kenya dates back to 1844 with the arrival of CMF missionaries. The East-African Revival (1948-1960) made a deep and lasting impression on the Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches. The growth of Evangelical and Pentecostal churches has been dramatic.

Although there is a fairly small percentage of Muslims (10 percent) in Kenya, the church on the northeastern border with Somalia is populated by Muslims and faces severe persecution from Muslims.

Kenya has always been a safe haven for Somalis escaping the armed conflict and currently severe drought in their own country. Thousands of Somalis continue to cross as the situation in Somalia worsens, causing growing instability in Kenya.

Many Christian organizations see this as an opportunity to reach Somalis with the gospel. This work needs much discernment as many of the Somali refugees claim to have committed their lives to Christ. Many of them have been embraced by Christian organizations. In the end, many of these were false conversions of desperate people in search of any kind of assistance.

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