“I Was Probably the First Believer in My City”

August 3, 2017 by Janelle P in Africa

“Now, we have many more believers in my city, but when I converted there were no other Tunisian believers in this place.” Even in the entire country there were probably very few believers at the time of his conversion.

“It all started with the radio. When I was 11 or 12-years-old, I found this Christian radio channel broadcasting from Khartoum in Sudan. Later, I even started a Bible course through correspondence. I thought I was the only Christian in the country.”

“I was a Christian on my own. There was a huge problem of having confidence in other people.” He kept his Christian faith secret, even to his wife. “I am a Christian. I trust the Lord. I always read the Bible, but I didn’t share this with my wife. She is from a very Islamic family. I also didn’t tell my parents about this. Sometimes I shared the gospel with other people, but not with my family. I continued as a Christian fully on my own. I read the Bible and I watched Christian television.”

After many years of being a Christian on his own, he found a church in Tunisia. He now secretly visits the worship services of the congregation. “It is good to be with other Christians.”

“Pray and read your Bible,” is his advice for believers. “When possible, be part of a group; pray together. Share so that others can pray for you and the Lord can make His way for you. The Bible course I followed provided me with a foundation, but I continued by personally studying the Bible. The word of God gives strength.”

*Names and photos are representative for the safety of persecuted Christians

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