The Hidden Bible

January 19, 2012 by Open Doors in General

North Korean Bible

Probably nowhere else in the world are so many Bibles hidden literally underground as in North Korea. In this country that has been consistently in the number one position on Open Doors’ World Watch List, the Bible is absolutely forbidden.

Christian refugee Lee Joo-Chan remembered how his parents snuck outside after dark to get their Bible. “Every night they went to the garden and dug up a pot. They took out a black book and read from it. Aloud, but whispering. They always told us never to say something about the book to other people. I knew they were not playing games with us, and that we all would be killed if other people found out about this forbidden book. Sometimes my mother would say that God was alive and that we had to obey Him. But she never mentioned Jesus. She couldn’t. It would have been too dangerous.”

Recently, Open Doors received an 80-year-old Bible in appreciation for the help we had given to a North Korean, Christian family. It was printed in Seoul in 1930 and then transferred from one generation to the next. After Kim Il-Sung came to power in 1945, the Bible had to be hidden. At one point, the family was arrested for an unknown reason and sent to a labor camp. They suffered for years in horrific circumstances, while the Bible remained in its hiding place. After the family was finally released, Open Doors was able to help them get back on their feet through our contacts. “They were so grateful, they gave us this Bible,” says Brother Simon, Open Doors’ main contact for the persecuted Christians in North Korea. “We made sure they received a new Bible.”

Thank You, Father, for the power of Your Word in the lives of Christians in North Korea, and for the power of Your Holy Spirit to use those words to pierce the hearts of those lost in the isolation and spiritual darkness of this country. And thank You for the clear evidence of Your work among the North Koreans that encourages us and spurs us on to pray with intensity that the spiritual strongholds there may be destroyed and Your Word proclaimed freely. In the name of Jesus, the Logos, the Word, Amen.


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