The Impact of Christian Counseling Programs: Palestinian Territories

July 6, 2015 by Open Doors in Middle East

Jabra is a lively, enthusiastic Palestinian Christian, with a lot of ideas. He brings all his ideas before God in prayer and says, “I’m willing to do what He asks of me.”

On top of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which puts pressure on the society as a whole, Christians in the West Bank have to deal with the fact that they are an increasingly small minority. Jabra shares, “I was the only Christian in my class. My classmates kept asking questions about my faith and inviting me to convert to Islam. I didn’t really know how to respond.”

“I didn’t really know how to respond.” – This is exactly what Jabra hopes to address as a Christian counselor, after completing his studies at Bethlehem Bible College. As Jabra says, “My country needs more counselors, and I’m determined to become one of them.” He desires to be one who will help young Christians know how to respond when someone invites them to convert to Islam.

Open Doors’ long-time involvement with the Bethlehem Bible College stems from the important role it plays in equipping future church leaders and workers, like Jabra, to shepherd the increasingly pressurized and dwindling Christian community in the Palestinian Territories.

Since Jabra’s vision is to become a counselor, a three-day trauma care training which he recently attended, made possible with Open Doors support, has helped him to be better equipped for his future job. Jabra believes that it is important for every young Christian to be in touch with a counsellor. “I want to teach our youth that it is important to have a living relationship with Jesus – it will keep their faith alive.”

Please pray for Jarba and others like him to remain strong!

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