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The Struggle of Indigenous Believers in Mexico

September 24, 2015 by Janelle P in Latin America/Caribbean

April 15 was a joyful and historic moment for a group of indigenous Mexican Christians. Five years ago, they had been forced to leave their community in Chiapas, Mexico because they came to faith in Jesus Christ. Now, the Christians of the Bawitz community have reached an agreement with the community and the government which has allowed them to return.

The local community had been persecuting this group, consisting of twelve families, by denying them electricity and water. Persecution became worse when the community decided to send the families away. For five years, they lived in another town but they never stopped fighting for their rights. As a result, the group was finally able to go home.

What happened to the Bawitz Christians happens to many other indigenous Christians who live in Chiapas. Christians are persecuted by their local communities who often demand that everyone follow traditional ways.

Open Doors supports several groups of displaced Christians who are struggling to survive.

One response to “The Struggle of Indigenous Believers in Mexico”

  1. Religious persecution is among the world’s most important civil rights challenges of this generation. Whereas people of the three major religions were able to co-exist peacefully in the past, there doesn’t appear to be the will to co-exist today. In the time of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther and those of the Muslim faith had more of an affinity toward one another. Five hundred years later, how do we find common ground amid religious diversity? As an education, religion and politics reporter and editor, that has been my lifelong personal and professional pursuit. We need not lose our religious identity by showing love and respect toward others regardless of their faith or no faith at all.

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