Team in Agatu Requests Your Prayers

April 4, 2016 by Open Doors in Africa

Agatu, Benue state, Nigeria

Please pray for the people of Agatu, as well as the team on the ground there:

About six weeks ago, Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked dozens of Christian villages in Agatu, Benue state, Nigeria, leaving hundreds of Christians killed. Today, the Christians and others who remain there are desperate.

Their desperation became clear when they almost attacked the team on the ground trying to distribute relief aid.

“The pastors there said it was all a result of their situation — no food, no support and people are dying in the camp due to lack of food. We thought we were going to give emergency relief to about fifty people but suddenly, over a thousand people showed up,” a worker on the ground has shared.

Please pray for the pastors trying to care for their people and other survivors in Agatu. People are solely focused on surviving and are not able to look beyond their physical needs. Please pray for aid to come quickly, and pray for the team in Nigeria we are partnering with. They are working hard to organize this emergency relief as well as spiritual and pastoral support for Christians in the area.

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