Three More Christians Die in Eritrean Military Camps

November 3, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Eritrea Map

Two Christian women died last month in the Adersete Military Camp located in western Eritrea. A Christian brother died in August while imprisoned at the Adi Nefase Military Camp.

Terhase Gebremichel Andu (28) and Ferewine Genzabu Kifly (21) were gathered together for prayer with other believers in a private home. The women were arrested during that meeting in 2009 and have been detained in Adersete Military Camp in a secret “dungeon” like confinement for religious prisoners. Following two years of physical military torture and denial of medical care, these young women ultimately died as a result of starvation and poor health. Terhase died on October 16 one week ahead of Ferewine who died on October 23. They were buried just outside the military Camp.

Angesom Teklom Habtemichel (26) served two years in Adi Nefase Military Camp. While incarcerated, he contracted severe malaria but was denied medical treatment because of his written refusal to recant his Christian faith. He died the end of August after a week of serious illness. He too was buried outside the military camp.

Eritrea is listed as #12 on the Open Doors World Watch list of countries where the persecution of Christians is most severe. There have now been 21 Christians known to have died while serving time for their faith in one of Eritrea’s military detention centers. Open Doors was unable to learn anything more about the families of these young believers. 

Heavenly Father, we have friends, children, wives and husbands, sisters and brothers the ages of Terhase, Ferewine and Angesom who died standing unwaveringly for their faith in Christ. We cannot begin to comprehend the grief and sorrow of those they have left behind. Comfort them and draw them near to Yourself. And we lift up before You the countless other believers in prisons across Eritrea who are in bondage for their faith, enduring unimaginable suffering. Be near to them. Visit them as they walk through this dark valley of suffering. And we pray for Eritrean President Isayas Afewerki. Soften his heart, Lord, to receive the gospel of Christ, to repent and to rule with justice and mercy. Amen


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