Tribute to Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom – a Martyr for Christ

January 18, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Tribute to Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom - a Martyr for Christ

In the African country of Eritrea, in a small isolation cell the size of a shipping container, Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom (42), a man who had committed his life to Christ, was denied medical treatment for complications from diabetes and injuries sustained from torture. On January 16, 2009, at the Mitire Military Confinement Center, Asgedom’s earthly life had ended. This week Open Doors and Christian brothers and sisters around the world remember Christ’s servant Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom and the sacrifice he made for his faith. Join with us in praying that Mehari’s family is comforted, that they are strengthened in this difficult time and that their lives become testimonies to the hope that lies within all of us.

“Remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison.” Hebrews 13:1.

As of November 2010 church leaders in Eritrea estimate that there are around 1,500 believers in prison specifically for their faith, their families sometimes waiting years to hear any news of their welfare. Eritrean Christians have asked believers around the world to continue praying for their country.

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