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Twenty-six Left Dead by Seleka Rebels

September 23, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

In the early morning hours of Monday, Sept 16, rebels rampaged in door-to-door attacks in the village of Ndomete, killing 26 people. Seleka rebels (mostly Muslim) also attacked communities around the town of Kaga Bandoro, about 200 miles north of Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic (CAR).

Among those killed in Ndomete is a local pastor, whose name is not yet known. Locals told Open Doors the rebels looted a Catholic Church some 12 miles from Kaga Bandoro and several other properties. “People have run to the bush and to the MINUSCA peacekeeping base for safety as the attackers are still everywhere,” reported local workers last Monday.

Father, we bring before Your Throne of Grace, the families of the murdered pastor and the other victims of this brutal attack. May they know Your strong arm of comfort and protection. We grieve the violence that has long plagued this nation and pray that You will empower the peacekeepers to quell the violence and restore peace. And in the midst of the heartbreak and turmoil, may Your presence be evident. May Your people display forgiveness, courage, and strength, that the testimony of Your presence in them might spark a powerful movement of Your Holy Spirit across the land. In the name of Jesus, sovereign over all creation, Amen.

3 responses to “Hope Abounds After CAR Elections”

  1. I praise God for sending those trained! I pray the Holy Spirit continues to provide comfort for those who’ve suffered and those who are ministering. God is great to bring his people together in that place!!!! Love and prayers to you all.

  2. This is wonderful, powerful, news!!! Thanks for sharing. Prayers continue for full physical release to follow the spiritual!!
    He came to set the captives free!!

  3. It is a beautiful thing to see God’s mercy and grace in their time of suffering. Thank you Open Doors Team members for all that you do to help those with no voice and no might.

    Lord we pray in your name:

    May you continue to use this organization in a powerful way. God, bless and anoint the Open Doors Teams to continue to boldy go forward in Your power and might without fear. May they bravely declare the time has come for the Lord to show his kindness, when our God will punish evil people. In Jesus name, may they declare that God is more
    than able to comfort those in CAR who are sad and victimize. Father, thank you that they share the good news of Jesus Christ and His love for them all. May these women know (and understand) that You are more than able to take away the ashes on their head, and I give them a crown. Father, that You will take away their sadness, and give them the oil of happiness. We thank you now in advance for what you are doing in their lives. Savior, take away their sorrow, and give them celebration clothes. Indeed, Father, may You receive all the Glory… Amen

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