Two Brothers Have Been Released from Saudi Prison

August 4, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Saudi Prison

Praise the Lord, Yohan (31) and Vasantha (28), imprisoned in Saudi Arabia since January 21 of this year, have been released. Arrested after a prayer meeting with other Indian nationals, authorities took them to the religious court in Riyadh where they were sentenced to 45 days in prison on accusation of converting Muslims to Christianity.
In the end the men were  imprisoned for much longer than 45 days without further charges or accusations brought against them. On May 30, Vasantha was released after 160 days detention and only recently, on July 12, Yohan was released after 203 days of imprisonment.
According to the men the situation in prison was horrible. They were locked up with criminals and hard-line Islamic fellow prisoners. Also the men were cramped in a cell with a total of 700 prisoners; the maximum capacity of the cell was 300. Due to a lack of space the prisoners had to sleep in turns while the remaining prisoners barely had enough room to stand. To add to the difficult situation the men suffered from injuries received during beatings while interrogated.
Both Christians, once released from prison, returned to India, Vasantha in early June and Yohan in mid July. They ask us for our prayers as they heal from their physical wounds as well from the trauma of being imprisoned under such horrific conditions.

Father, we praise You for the release of both Vasantha and Yohan and ask today that You completely restore them both physically and spiritually from this traumatic experience. Thank you for encouraging our brothers while helping them remain strong throughout the stressful time in Saudi prison. Father, we pray that their suffering was not in vain, and that many saw You through the witness of these brothers. Amen 


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