Ugandan Police Seize Explosives

September 22, 2014 by Open Doors in Africa


Ugandan Police report that they have seized substantial amounts of explosives and suicide vests in raids on suspected al-Shabaab cells in a slum in the capital, Kampala.

In a raid on Saturday, Sept. 13, police arrested 19 people of Somali origin. An official declared that the raid prevented an imminent attack. The US embassy in Kampala stated on Monday, “We believe that the immediate threat of an al-Shabab attack has been effectively countered. We remain vigilant to the possibility that some of the attack cell could still be at large.”

According to an East African newspaper, security analysts have warned that though the killing of al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Godane along with several commanders at the beginning of the month will weaken and splinter the group, it will maintain asymmetrical warfare for some time as it attempts to reassert its presence.

Father, we thank You that an apparent attack was foiled. As we pray today, we ask for Your continued protection over both Kenya and Uganda since both countries have been threatened with retaliatory attacks following Godane’s death. Father, fill the Ugandan police with wisdom as they continue to boldly campaign against terrorism, which may ultimately bring an end to al-Shabaab violence. In the name of Jesus, our Victor, Amen.

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