Update: Deceased Woman’s Body Has Disappeared in Kyrgyzstan

October 28, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

*representative cemetery displayed

Last week we prayed for the family of Kanygul Satybaldieva, a deceased woman in Khrgyzstan who professed faith in Christ. Her relatives could not bury her in the village cemetery because of protests in this majority Muslim community. Villagers even demanded that her daughter, Jyldyz Azaeva, convert to Islam. With help, Azaeva found a place to lay her mother’s body to rest in a nearby village, but a protest ensued there as well and Kanygul’s body was exhumed. At last, the head of the local district, Mayor Sonunbek Akparaliev, assured them that a place had been in the local cemetery and the body of Kanygul Satybaldieva was finally laid to rest.

However, three days later, Kanygul’s relatives returned to visit her resting place and found the grave destroyed. The guard at the cemetery said that the body had been dug up and removed by the officers of the 10th department of the state agency of Internal Affairs. “Where the body was taken away, I don’t know,” he explained.

At the regional police department, the family was met by the same staff of the 10th Department of Internal Affairs Agency that had initially led the effort to prevent Kanygul’s burial. Their answer to relatives’ attempts to report the situation was that they do not accept statements from the Baptists. Please pray for this situation—for the relatives of Kanygul Satybaldieva, especially for her daughter Jyldyz Azaeva who is understandably desperate to obtain information as to where her mother’s body has been taken.

Father God, we come to You today on behalf of Jyldyz Azaeva. Even now, we know that You are bending Your ear to hear the cry of her heart. Give her faith in Your presence and in Your certain help. Comfort her with the knowledge that her mother’s soul is resting in peace and great joy in the arms of her Savior. And guide her with Your great wisdom and power to find her mother’s body to locate a place to lay her at last to rest. In the name of Jesus, our sure hope in this life and in the glory set before us. Amen.

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