We Must Keep our Eyes on Jesus, Not Man

July 2, 2012 by Open Doors

SANTA ANA, Calif. (July 2, 2012) – The following blog is from a co-worker in Egypt about the chaotic, changing situation in Egypt over the past few weeks:

July 1:
Friday at 6 p.m. Dr. Morsi gives a speech in Tahrir Square, the square in the center of Cairo that became a symbol of the Egyptian revolution in January 2011. The square was packed with nearly a million people shouting in a festive atmosphere for the president-elect. He had chosen to take a symbolic oath of office, first among the Egyptian people on Friday. On Saturday he officially took the oath at the Supreme Constitutional Court. He is now officially declared the president of Egypt for the coming four years.

My wife and I sat down in our home, as all Egypt did, to watch the new president taking the oath, followed by his first official speech to the nation. At the other end of the room sat our two teenage children. They seemed not so much interested to know what was going on, and stayed busy with a computer, iPod and other teenage things.

As Morsi started his speech, we were all wondering what he had to say to Egyptians. Is he, at all, going to say something specific or giving any promises that may comfort Christians who are anxious because of the new Muslim Brotherhood president?
It is just like throwing your fishing pole line into the swimming pool and thinking you may actually catch fish.

My eyes quickly looked at the face of my wife and I looked across the room to try to get any impressions from the kids. I have to say it was hard to tell what was going on in the minds of the three of them. When briefly talking about our expectations during the speech, everybody in the room, including myself, are certain that we cannot expect to catch fish while fishing in a swimming pool. We can’t really expect to find any comforting promises from Morsi or from man in general.

At the end of the speech we turn off the TV. We move on with our daily life, holding one very important fact in hand; it is only Jesus with His comforting and assuring presence. He can make you catch lots of fish in a lake, even when you think, like the disciples did, that the results will be nothing after a long, tiring night of hard work.

Join others in praying.