Week of Prayer for Iraq

March 29, 2012 by Open Doors in General

Iraqi's Praying

The expatriate community in Iraq is calling for a week of prayer for the country from Saturday 31st of March until Saturday 7th April. This call for prayer follows the fatal attack on Jeremiah, an American teacher, who was killed in Iraq early in March.

In mourning over the unexpected death of Jeremiah, they are calling for us to join in prayer during Holy Week, focusing on the victory that has changed the eternal destiny of millions of people.

Please share the guide, “How to Spend an Hour in Prayer” with others. Invite them to also join in prayer.

“How to Spend an Hour in Prayer” This may be your first time spending an extended time in prayer, or this may be a regular practice. As we pray together this week, you may choose to follow these six steps, or pray as the Holy Spirit leads.

Read the passage found in Matt. 6: 9-13 (the Lord’s Prayer). This will allow you to reflect and meditate as you begin your time in prayer.

PREPARATION (5 min) – Beginning by praying, “Our Father in Heaven, I thank you for this hour. I give you myself. Help me to hear what is on Your heart. Amen.”

PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING (10 min) – Praise God with your own words. Sing a song of worship. Read a Psalm (e.g. Ps. 24, 93, 100, 103, 139).

MEDITATION: (5-10 min) – Spend time reading one or more Scripture verses listed above and consider what God wants to show you.

LISTENING (5min) – Spend 5 minutes in silence before God. Ask him to show you what he wants you to pray for, for yourself and for others.



Prayer Points – shared from local leaders in Iraq:

DAY ONE – For God to work among the Kurdish people

DAY TWO – For the churches in the whole country

DAY THREE – The nation and political leaders

DAY FOUR – Children

DAY FIVE – Middle East

DAY SIX – Relating to the death of Jeremiah Small

DAY SEVEN – Praise God for Christ’s resurrection



Join others in praying.