Widow in Tanzania Encouraged Through Letter Writing

August 21, 2015 by Open Doors in Africa

In October 2013, unknown attackers killed Elias Lunyamila Meshack while he and two others were guarding the Gilgal Christian Worship Center in Pansiansi, Mwanza City, north Tanzania. Shortly after the incident, Open Doors visited Elias’ widow, Mary, to encourage her and also initiated a letter writing campaign for her. Open Doors visited Mary again to see how she was doing and to deliver more than 4,000 letters from supporters around the world!

Since the tragic incident, Mary has been through deep waters. “I did not think I could make it to this place where I am now,” she shared. “The fact that I am here is a miracle in itself.”

Mary praises the Lord for His love and provision for her and her children. Mary was speechless to see the many letters she received. “May God bless each one who prayed for us! And for everyone who sent a letter or card, I want you to know that I esteem your gesture. I respect it and truly appreciate the message of love, concern and unity. You have proven to me that you felt my pain. Your letters also prove that I am loved and cared for, and that I have been prayed for by brethren across the globe… That is an indescribable feeling!”

Join others in praying.