Pauline, Widow of Gaza Christian Bookshop Owner, Asks for Our Prayers

May 25, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Girl From Gaza

Sama Ayyad, Rami and Pauline Ayyad’s daughter


The killing of Christian bookshop owner Rami Ayyad, in October 2007, deeply impacted the small Christian community in Gaza, but in particular the lives of his surviving family; his wife Pauline, their sons George and Wisam, and daughter, Sama, who was unborn at the time of the shooting. In addition to having to survive without a husband and father, they have had to live with the fact that Rami was killed because he was a Christian.

An Open Doors field worker describes the family’s position in a recent visit; “Pauline has been through very tough years in which grief dominated her life. But now there is also some space for God’s restoration and grace. Pauline said that she knew God takes care of putting it into peoples’ hearts to continue to pray for her and her children.”

The eldest, six year-old George particularly misses his father. He has found it hard to understand why his had left so suddenly to be with Jesus yet the other fathers could stay with their families. In addition, over the past several years, the family has repeatedly been forced to move for security reasons. Pauline and her children are now separated from their wider family, which was such a source of comfort after Rami’s murder. She finds it increasingly difficult to be both father and mother to her children and misses the support of her extended family so vital in middle-eastern culture. And, as the turmoil in the Middle East continues to dominate the news, she is concerned for the future safety of the family.

Lord, we pray that George, Wissam, and Sama will know God as their Father, and also find men of faith to help guide them in the ways of Christ. We ask that Pauline would experience peace, comfort and Your provision in all things. Lastly, we pray for the many children who have gone through the trauma of losing their parents to the effects of persecution, may the grow up finding their identity in You and trusting in Your sovereignty. Amen


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