Widow of Slain Ethiopian Church Leader Needs Your Encouragement

November 5, 2010 by Open Doors in General

On March 15th, as church members were leaving church, a Muslim villager appeared and began chasing women and children down the road. Yadeta Dinsa and an evangelist from the same church came across the scene. With machete in hand the man aimed for the evangelist. But Yadeta stepped between his friend and the attacker; the machete hit his neck and Yadeta was struck to the ground.┬áThe attacker then cried “Allah Akbar”, after which more Muslim men armed with spears joined him in the attack.

Several villagers, including Yadeta’s wife and youngest son heard of the attack and hurried to the scene just in time to hear him utter the words, “Dear Lord Jesus, please receive my soul in peace”.┬áThe shocked family and friends rushed him to a clinic but an hour after the attack, Yadeta passed away.

Yadeta’s widow, Martha, is left with six children and no means to raise them on her own. The church leaders have taken it upon themselves to provide food, and when possible, finances for other needs.
Open Doors also will partner with the local church in assisting Martha and the children.

You can let Martha and the children know that they are not alone in their grieving by sending them a letter of encouragement. Download the letter writing guide to discover how you can help.

Lord, we lift up Martha in her grief as she seeks ways to support her children. Thank you for the ways You have sustained her through the help of Open Doors and the Christian community there. And we pray for protection and peace in the communities of Ethiopia’s Oromia district where government re-settlement of Muslims has created the tension and violence that led to this attack.

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