Witnessing about Christ in Tibet

March 6, 2015 by Open Doors in Asia

No one knows the exact number of Tibetans who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in the forbidding region of Tibet, but we do know that the few believers there deal with regular persecution. Not only do they live in a politically tense area (many Tibetans want to regain independence from China), but they also have to deal with the rejection of their own families and communities. Being Tibetan is synonymous with being Buddhist. Anyone who converts to another religion brings disgrace to the Tibetan people and their religion. Christians who are discovered may be beaten, locked up and/or banished by their families and communities.

Open Doors supports Tibetan Christians through mentorship and practical assistance. Tibetan Buddhist background believer Teresa* writes to express her gratitude to Open Doors’ director in China. Through Teresa’s eyes, we get a glimpse of what it is like to live with strong faith in Christ amid the challenges of being a Tibetan believer in China.

Dear Xiao Yun,
Happy New Year! How are you doing? Our Heavenly Father is always with you and leading you in His perfect way! He is so good all the time! How He has been blessing us by sending you guys up here. He has also sent my dear mentor Judy* here for almost a week! We see how much He loves us! And thank you so much for everything!

My heart is so focused on reaching out and taking care of the young believers. Most of them are married and have little babies. I visited these young families. The babies are so cute! Most of them are married to unbelievers and their lives are very hard. What a big problem it is! Some have already given up, while some are enduring a lot of pressure… I so long to see families come to Him together!

My best friend got married again. This is to a believer who loves her so much. It brings a lot of healing to her heart. She gave birth to a baby boy, and we visited them last week. There were no tears for the first time in these 15 years. I am so thankful to the Father. His mercy and love endure forever! 

As I travel to different Tibetan areas, I see people’s hearts are much more open. Their biggest challenge is to worship Jesus only and not bow down to idols! We need a big breakthrough! Yet, He will surely fulfill His promises and do things according to His will (Psalm 27:13). Let’s keep sowing, and we will see beautiful fruit in His time. 

Our Tibetan fellowship is still weak, and a church is yet to be established. I hope we will all grow strong in Him and love Him with the whole heart! Above all, let’s learn to obey His commands no matter how much it costs! Please remember this in your prayers!

Last month, we had a Christmas party! Indeed, it wasn’t a party. We shared the good news of His birth and what that means to our life. The message was clear and encouraging. Both believers and unbelievers came. I hope they will really think about who we are in Him and how we live our lives! How great is His presence!

I have too much to share. Let’s keep connected! I wish you a blessed and fruitful new year! 


*Name changed for security reasons

We lift our hands in praise for Your presence in the life of Teresa and of other believers in Tibet. What a miracle faith is in such circumstances! We pray for their protection from prison and beatings. For those in difficult marriages, we pray that the light of Christ will shine through them to their spouses and bring about saving faith. We pray that You will establish Christian marriages and use their godly testimony to point to Jesus. We thank You for the work of Open Doors in Tibet to encourage, train and strengthen Your church there. In the name of Jesus, who strengthens the weak and emboldens them to stand in the power of the gospel, Amen.

Join others in praying.