Young Widow to be Evicted

July 14, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

In Dagestan, a federal subject of Russia located in the North Caucasus region, a Christian widow named Dina* is living with her two children in extreme poverty. Along with her elderly mother, she and her children have been living in a small, unheated room without indoor access to water or a bathroom. With great difficulty she has continued to lovingly take care of her mother, who was ill and unable to walk. The room in which they have been living belongs to Dina’s brother, a Muslim, who has only been allowing them to stay because he didn’t want to care for his aging and ill mother. He hates his sister because of her faith in Christ, and he does little to help beyond providing the room. “Let her Jesus help her,” he says.

Dina has hepatitis C, an illness she received from her husband who died several years ago from drugs. Her nine-year-old youngest daughter has this illness as well. Both mother and daughter need money for expensive medication. Dina works as a teacher in a Christian school, but her salary is not enough to buy the medication. Her relatives, all Muslims, are wealthy, but they refuse to help her and abuse her for her faith, saying, “She has many sisters and brothers in her church; let them help her.”

Dina believes that God can heal her and her daughter and will release her family from these hard circumstances. Beneath the strong surface she maintains to hold her family together, she is on the end of despair and needs our prayers.

A few weeks ago, Dina’s mother passed away. Her brother, the owner of the room where she lives, is now prepared to forcibly expel his sister and her children from the small room that has been their only shelter from life’s storms. Dina doesn’t have a place to go and no opportunity to rent a flat. Please, pray for God’s protection, care, and provision for Dina and her children. Pray also for her Muslim brother, that God would change his heart and bring him to salvation.

Father, we cannot begin to comprehend the suffering this young woman has been experiencing. We know that You see her and her plight and that you are guarding her and her children. Encourage her today in a tangible way that she might be encouraged by the confidence of Your presence with them. Provide shelter and nourishment, Father, and sustain them in ways that build her faith. Strengthen her each day, granting her courage to face the uncertainty before her. And we pray that You will open the eyes of her brother to see that it is You who sustains her. Soften his heart and bring him to repentance and saving faith. In the name of Jesus, whose “eyes are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry.” Amen.

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