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Your Gifts Are Rebuilding Lives!

September 8, 2015 by Open Doors in General

Thank you for helping Christians stand strong in their faith!

The Islamic State has been spreading rapidly over the past year. Since the group first emerged in Iraq and Syria, more than 29 other terrorist groups have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State- causing the Islamic State to spread through the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

Though this group is set on destroying anyone opposed to their message (especially Christians), God is still at work. And your faithful support is helping to keep the church alive in this region!

Your gifts are funding vital projects like rebuilding Christian communities in Niger where persecution is increasing.

“Christians have lived peacefully with their Muslim neighbors for the most part,” shares an Open Doors worker in the region. “But with the Charlie Hebdo cartoon incident earlier this year, several extremists fueled communities to attack their Christian neighbors.”

As a result more than 80 churches were destroyed, and several Christian communities were also attacked.

“Christians were caught off guard, as this level of persecution had not really been present in recent history,” the worker says.

Though these attacks caused a great deal of damage, your support is helping to rebuild these churches and communities.

Your support is also providing critical trauma counseling to several of the victims, helping them to stand strong… in spite of the horrific acts of persecution they have faced.

“Our members have been so traumatized… They are so scared of coming to church because they are not sure if there will be more attacks in the future,” shares one pastor.

But rebuilding churches and trauma counseling are just some of the projects you can be involved with. Be on the lookout for our Gift Catalog, coming out later this month. You will find a variety of projects that you can support!

Thank you for standing with persecuted Christians in this way!

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