Your Letters of Support was Timely and God Appointed

March 16, 2011 by Open Doors in General


Two Ethiopian Christian couples Daniel and Shita, and Dawit and Meaza, are grateful for the love and concern the Open Doors family has shown them through letters of encouragement and prayers. Church leaders describe the letters from supporters as “timely and God appointed.” Since last January, when Open Doors asked supporters to write to these families, they have received hundreds of letters from concerned Christians around the world. These letters have truly ministered to them in their time of need.

During a recent visit Shita eagerly said to an Open Doors staff member, “Can’t you recognize the difference in my face? You may remember I was distressed and demoralized the day you first visited us. I was asking God why He has forgotten us. I felt bitter, which made it difficult for me to speak to people. We did not have trustworthy friends to support us, nor did I have strength or wisdom to deal with the difficulties. I asked so many questions. But God has intervened and has provided Christians friends. We now experience abundant peace and joy and praise God for our spiritual family.”

“I can only say thank you for your support,” shared her husband Daniel. “God has been good to us. He has called me to bring unsaved souls to salvation in Him. It brings me great joy when people get saved. The love prayer supporters have shown us constantly reminds me of God’s grace and love for all His children.” As result of the attack Daniel may have permanently lost the use of his left hand. Although his hand is damaged, Daniel no longer experiences pain. “God has turned everything for the good of his people. I thank God, for now I have my father at my right side. It exceeded all my expectation,” shared an emotional Daniel.

On the morning of July 11, 2009 Dawit and Daniel were beaten by an angry mob over a land dispute. When Meaza, Dawit’s wife, saw Muslims attacking her husband, she tried to cover him with her pregnant body, hoping they would show mercy. However, the attackers did not spare her, and she lost her unborn baby. Still recovering Meaza has not regained all her physical strength since the attack. The effects of the July 11th incident did not break their spirits though. Instead, Dawit believes it quickened their calling to reach out to Muslims more than ever before. “The day will come when they will realize what they believe and do is wrong, then they will repent and accept Christ as I did,” said Dawit. Dawit wants to thank OD and all prayer supporters for the input in their lives. “We are not alone; I was always aware of the spiritual encouragement our extended family in Christ has offered.”

Father we give thanks for Your favor on Daniel and Shita, and Dawit and Meaza, encouraging and blessing them as they remain faithful to You. We pray today for Meaza’s complete recovery, healing both her physical and emotional scars. Father hear our prayers as we intercede for this young couple as they desire have a child. Fill them with Your peace at this time. We also pray for Daniel and the injuries to his hand, comfort him so that it is not a hindrance but a testimony to Your divine forgiveness. And lastly Father, we ask that You watch over and protect them as they continue to do Your work in Ethiopia – praising Your holy Name. Amen 

Please note that this writing campaign for Daniel and Shita, and Dawit and Meaza concluded in January; but there are many other persecuted Christians who are in need of encouragement. Find out how you can send a letter today! Click Here


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