Your Quick Response Is Changing Lives

June 16, 2015 by Open Doors in Middle East

Christians in Iraq, Syria and other countries are already experiencing a new lease on life, thanks to your support!

You are changing the lives of countless believers, especially those who have lost everything from the Islamic State.

“The Islamic State took everything from our family.”

You recently read about a Christian family who was forced to flee to Erbil after the Islamic State attacked them – leaving their daughter with a broken leg and the rest of the family with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

The family was alone, hopeless and unsure of their future. The journey to Erbil was filled with much uncertainty and the family was terrified. However, God provided for them:

“We found a place of refuge in Erbil,” they shared. “We have been slowly obtaining other things that we need to survive, thanks to you.”

Your quick and generous response is helping to save lives and provide for families like these!
With the recent attacks in Libya, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan, it is apparent that other Islamic extremist groups have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. The Islamic State’s impact is no longer confined to Iraq and Syria… Christians are being specifically targeted- even in areas that were at one time peaceful.

This is why we are so thankful for partners like you! Through your generous gifts, Open Doors works with the local church to restore Christian communities, even after horrific attacks. Many of you have already given to our summer campaign program and as you can see, it is already changing lives. Thank you for your continued impactful gifts!

This family was reminded that the Body of Christ had not forgotten about them. Learn more about how you can pray for this family and others like them by watching a video of their stories at

Thank you again for your quick and consistent gifts– you are helping our persecuted brothers and sisters with their most immediate needs, and are saving countless lives!

Join others in praying.