Use your social network to raise funds for persecuted Christians and the ministry of Open Doors.

Fundraising to Make a Difference

Leverage your community and relationships to raise support for Open Doors and the persecuted church as a Crowdfunder. This is a simple and easy way to use your knack for fundraising while building awareness about the situation of our persecuted brothers and sisters.

What a Crowdfunder does

As a Crowdfunder, you’ll rally friends, family and acquaintances to raise support for the persecuted church and Open Doors. Using the Open Doors page on the fundraising website CrowdRise, you’ll simply pick a fundraising goal and share it with your social network online. Your goal amount and how often you run campaigns is totally up to you.

Responsibilities and Training

There is no specific training required, although we do recommend completing the Open Doors Volunteer Orientation. And don’t worry—Open Doors will provide you with guidelines, tips and best practices to help make your campaign a success!

To get started as a Crowdfunder, click the sign-up link below.