Write letters of encouragement to persecuted Christians.

Giving Hope, One Letter at a Time

Imagine that you are a persecuted Christian, feeling forgotten, alone and hopeless. Now imagine how it would feel to receive a letter from a believer on the other side of the world, and the strength their words of encouragement would give you. This is the work of an Encourager. Through something as simple as writing letters to our persecuted brothers and sisters, you can build up their resolve to stay strong and keep their hope in God, no matter what they’re facing.

What an Encourager Does

Encouragers write letters to let our persecuted brothers and sisters know that we love them and are praying for them, and that their sacrifice for the gospel is not going unnoticed. Whether you handwrite them or type them on a computer, your letters will bring life.

Requirements and Training

The only requirements are internet access and a desire to encourage others. There’s no formal training, but there are important guidelines included with each campaign that must be followed when writing to Christians in restricted countries. You are also encouraged to complete the Open Doors Volunteer Orientation to learn more about Open Doors, although it’s not required.

To start bringing encouragement to our persecuted family, click the sign-up link below.