Voices of Hope

Will you be a Voice of Hope for the persecuted church on social media?

The most common thing the persecuted church requests is prayer. Your prayers remind them they’re not forgotten … and your voice can be a powerful force for good on their behalf. That’s why Open Doors’ Voices of Hope exists: to unite thousands of social media volunteers to mobilize support and multiply hope for the persecuted church.

Open Doors Founder Brother Andrew shows us what happens when we stand for others. Andrew was an ordinary man who never expected his life to one day influence millions. Rather, he started small by taking Christian materials to one specific group of people who needed them. But as Andrew followed God’s promptings to care for more and more persecuted Christians, his influence grew. And his work now continues through Open Doors—serving persecuted believers in more than 60 countries over 60 years later!

We believe God is still raising up people to multiply their everyday influence to advance His Kingdom. And you may be one of them!

The persecuted church needs more voices like yours to join the chorus of the Brother Andrews of this generation: using your social media accounts to share what God is doing in and through persecuted Christians around the globe.

When you volunteer to become a Voice of Hope, we commit to provide you with the shareable stories, updated prayer requests, and other opportunities to help you advocate for the cause of the persecuted.

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