Write a prayer for persecuted Christians

Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors, repeatedly emphasized, “Our prayers can go where we cannot…there are no borders, no prison walls, no doors that are closed to us when we pray.”

We still believe this today. That’s why our staff commits to pray together regularly as a team. And it’s why we look for ways to share the prayer needs of persecuted Christians with you so you can join us in standing with our brothers and sisters living out their faith in the world’s most difficult places.

Below, you will find opportunities to leave a prayer on our prayer walls. This allows you not only to lift up the need to God, but it also allows us to share with persecuted Christians the prayers that they cannot be present to hear spoken for them.

Pray with your sister in Iran

Mary (Fatemeh) Mohammadi, a 21-year-old Christian activist in Iran, has been sentenced to three months plus one day in prison, and ten lashes.

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Continue praying with the Sharibus

Since her abduction two years ago, Leah has become globally known and held up as a stalwart of the Christian faith for refusing to deny Christ and convert to Islam.

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Pray for Hope in the Middle East

During the brutal attacks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, hundreds of thousands of Christians were killed, enslaved and forced to flee from their homes. News headlines speculated this was the end of the church in the Middle East.

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