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Tears of Gold

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Christians in parts of Nigeria are living in the fires of persecution—they’re targeted by terrorist groups like Boko Haram, violently attacked by militant Fulani herdsman and can be treated as second-class citizens in places where Sharia law is official policy. This level of persecution can be even higher for Christian women, who suffer sexual violence and specific attacks because they are women.

The trauma from these attacks runs deep. There is no easy path to healing. And yet, too often, these women do not hear the truth of the gospel: God loves them, and they are worthy of His love, worthy to be called His daughters.

At Open Doors, we want to help make this reality known to women who suffer trauma. Through local partners, we recently sponsored a Christian trauma program that led victims of sexual violence women through art therapy. “Tears of Gold” is the result of that program—a moving story of God’s hope through pain, of beauty breaking through the ugliest sin.

You can see their stories in this special art e-book. We hope it strengthens your faith—and we hope it drives you to pray for your sisters in Nigeria who are finding healing in the hope of Christ.


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