This is my Bible

This is my Bible

God chose Abdul

How God changed the heart of a fundamentalist Muslim leader

Abdul's* highest goal used to be to convert as many Christians as possible to his strict version of Islam. He was a Salafi Muslim, part of an extremist branch of Islam, and he hated everything about Christians and their religion. Every time Abdul encountered a Christian, he would evangelize about his faith and sum up all that was wrong about Christianity. Yet there was a part of Abdul that became uneasy. Would he really have a place in paradise as his religion claimed?

Then one day, Abdul came across a man with a cross on his wrist. As usual, he began to evangelize, calling on this Christian to become a Muslim. “Read the Bible,” the man said. “I don’t need to look for God in any other place. He granted me eternal life with Him.”

Eternal life. The words somehow brought a feeling of peace to Abdul’s heart, and made him curious enough to accept a Bible …

*Representative name and image used to protect identity

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Looking for answers

At first, Abdul looked for answers in the Quran. He was desperate for a word, a phrase or some sign assuring him he would be saved.

He spent all night searching.

But he found nothing about a guarantee to eternal life, not even for good Muslims like himself. His uneasiness only grew.

A few nights later, Abdul picked up the Bible and began reading. What he read amazed him—that Jesus had died on the cross for his sins. And because of this, he could receive eternal life, unconditionally.

He hungered to know more.

Where our heart remains

Today, technology is changing what a Bible might look like.

Now, it’s just as possible that it could be accessed as a data file on a SIM card or listened to as a pirate radio broadcast.

But what hasn’t changed is how God speaks through His Word across every time and culture to guide, comfort and encourage His people.

Getting Bibles into the hands of God's people no matter what is how Open Doors started—and it's where our heart remains, even if we have to smuggle Bibles into the hardest places.

As it has always been in the past, wherever people ask for Bibles, we will bring them—along with the training to grow in their faith and read His Word more deeply—regardless of the challenges.

Getting Bibles into the hands of God's people no matter what is how Open Doors started.

Surrendering to Christ

Abdul was feeling something in his heart giving way to the words he was reading in the Bible.

He called the Christian he had met with the cross on his wrist and asked to learn more about Jesus. They spent four long evenings talking. Eventually, Abdul, a Muslim leader, surrendered his heart to Christ.

Today, Abdul is part of a secret discipleship group, growing in his faith with other secret believers. Around the world, many secret believers risk imprisonment, rejection by their families, torture or even death if they are discovered. But even under these difficult circumstances, they persist in sharing their faith, in the hope that the underground movement of secret believers will grow.