Brave Believers in Uganda Received Your Letters!

August 27, 2018 by Open Doors

When abuse from Hadija’s Muslim father over her church attendance became too dangerous, Mellina, a Christian woman, took the teenager in. Today the pair live on the shores of a Ugandan lake. Although life has, by no means, been easy for them, Open Doors’ support brings some stability. And the letters that supporters have sent from across the world have become so much more than tokens of encouragement. They are edifying a whole circle of pressured believers around them.

Things keep improving in the relationship with Hadija’s father. He has separated from the wife who had been responsible for much for Hadija’s suffering, but he has given his blessing for Hadija to remain with Mellina and continue her education. He even made a financial contribution. His hostility towards her Christianity has also greatly diminished.

Mellina and Hadija recently moved from the village in which we first met them to a larger town in the same area for the sake of better work opportunities. Hadija now attends a boarding school close to her village.

The two women want to say, “Thank you to everyone who has written to us. Bless you. Glory be to God.”

Continue to pray for the salvation of Hadija’s father. He has expressed an interest in the gospel but has not made a commitment yet. Pray that the Lord will draw him closer. We understand that he is ill, so pray that the Lord will be at work in his life.

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