Help Keep the Light Burning in North Korea

October 9, 2017 by Open Doors

Through satellite pictures, North Korea goes dark at night due to lack of electricity and it’s a stark contrast to the booming lights of South Korea. In this case, spiritual darkness is equaled by physical darkness.

Brother Andrew once said, “The bigger the darkness, the easier it is to spot your little light.” In North Korea, this quote has great significance.

Through your prayers and support, we’re empowering little lights to shine brightly in the darkness of North Korea. And right now, as the world’s attention is drawn toward North Korea, the light is more important than ever.

One secret Christian in North Korea recently told us, “We are able to walk in faith even though there are many difficulties. We try to keep our faith pure in Christ in any suffering. We put our hope in the place that God prepared for us before He even created the world. Until we reach that place, we will keep going forward. Even when there are many barriers and limitations. It is our desire that we will follow our calling to keep the faith and to spread the gospel. But we always remember your love and concern for us. We are doing well thanks to your prayers.”

3 ways to stand with your brothers and sisters in North Korea today:

1. Write a letter of encouragement to a secret believer >>

There is a rare opportunity for you to personally connect with North Korean Christians by taking a few minutes out of your day to write send them a message.

2. Pray fervently for the underground church in North Korea

3. Give Today>>

Help provide Bibles, emergency food, medicine, safe houses, training and other critical resources to strengthen secret believers and the underground church in North Korea.

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