4-Day Killing Spree by Fulani Militants Takes the Lives of 200 Christians in Nigeria

July 9, 2018 by Open Doors

The killing began on Thursday. It didn’t stop until Sunday.

By the time Muslim Fulani militant herdsmen ended their four-day killing spree (June 21-24) on northern Nigerian villages in Plateau state surrounding the city of Jos, Christians there tell us the death toll was at least 200.

Women and children were especially vulnerable. Currently, a dusk-to-dawn curfew is in place, however, our partners tell us that the violence continued despite the curfew.

In 2018 alone, militant herdsmen have targeted and killed more than 600 Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, raiding Christian villages and setting fire to homes and churches.

Open Doors is standing with believers in these areas through emergency relief aid; training on how to stand strong in the midst of persecution; legal help and more. Right now, we are rushing critical aid and support to African believers whose lives are immersed in persecution. These Christ followers are risking all they have to follow Jesus.

Help provide believers in Nigeria and throughout Africa with urgent support

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