“Open the Bibles and Burn Them All”—Hindu Extremists Hijack Bible Distribution

February 20, 2018 by Open Doors

With more and more violent incidents happening in India—No. 11 on the 2018 World Watch List—the fear is rising among Christians in the country. The mere act of distributing Bibles and Christian literature is seen as an attempt to lure people to Christianity by using “fraudulent means”—which is a punishable act under the anti-conversion law active in some states of India.

In this video from South India, the anti-conversion law has not yet been implemented, but Bible distribution is still met with opposition. In this viral footage, you’ll see Indian Christians who are verbally abused, threatened—and the Bibles and Christian literature they were carrying are confiscated and destroyed.

Here’s a translated excerpt from the video:

“You Christians get lost. This is the first time we have seen you here hence we are leaving you, next time you won’t have your car, (uses abusive language)… Go away or we’ll set your car on fire. We should burn you all, actually, and even the car so that such things do not continue. Take pictures of their faces, put petrol properly and burn the Bibles, rip the papers apart so that they would burn properly, open the Bibles and burn them all..”

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in India as persecution intensifies. Within this opposition, there is a courageous church that is growing—and even in the face of suffering, the gospel is spreading throughout the region.

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