Selah’s “People of the Cross” Is a Heartfelt Song for the Persecuted Church

April 11, 2017 by Brian O.

Todd Smith, the frontman for the popular group Selah and an Open Doors Ambassador, shares a personal message about the song “People of the Cross” from their newly-released album Unbreakable.

Selah’s first record in nearly three years is a beautiful tribute to the power of faith, the transforming love of Christ and the beauty of the cross.

Todd co-wrote “People of the Cross” with Jennie Lee Riddle and produced by Charlie Peacock.

It’s a deeply moving song about the persecuted church.

“Many times, when persecution is so visible,” Todd says, “it’s because Satan is so threatened. What we don’t see is that God is working supernaturally. Thousands of Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus, asking people about the Bible and coming to faith in the midst of all this darkness.”

As you listen to “People of the Cross,” remember to pray for believers who suffer daily for their faith—and let’s stand as one together in Jesus Christ.

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