Thank You for Helping Write a Story of Radical Love in Africa

July 25, 2018 by Open Doors

This summer, we shared with you about the widespread persecution impacting Christians in sub-Saharan Africa. We told you about believers in Sudan forced to uproot their homes. We reminded you of the parents in Chibok whose kidnapped girls are still missing. We informed you of the thousands of Christians in Eritrea that are being held in detention centers because they have chosen to follow Jesus. And when attacks in Nigeria wiped out 12 Christian villages near Jos and killed at least 200 Christians, we called on you to pray.

The stories and daily reports of violence tell us that the world’s second-largest continent is on fire with persecution.

But this isn’t the full story for believers in sub-Saharan Africa … Because God is also telling His story through you.

Thank you for standing with these brothers and sisters and making an eternal difference. Thank you for being part of this redemptive story God is writing. The Kingdom of God looks different because of you.

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