Her God Is Our God

One year ago, Open Doors launched an important new gender persecution study that describes the challenges Christian women face in the world’s most difficult countries.

This research consistently shows that Christian women often tragically face a sort of “double persecution.” They are persecuted both for their gender and for their faith. Despite the hardship these women face, Open Doors believes that one of the most powerful ways to impact a vulnerable community is to empower its women.

In addition to medical lectures, legal advocacy, trauma counseling, job training, and other support we provide to women, the women on our Open Doors team wanted to take this chance—on International Women’s Day—to challenge other American women to stand with the women of the persecuted church in prayer.

Here are steps to get started.

Step 1: Recruit Another Woman

Recruit another woman who you can connect with in real life, or over text messages or social media, to join you in praying. Upload your pictures to this prayer wall so that persecuted women can see that they are not alone, that many women around the world stand with them.

Step 2: Download & Discuss

Download the Gender Persecution Article and discuss it together. When you pray over the needs you find within this report, focus specifically on praying for the third woman—the persecuted Christian woman—who is symbolically “at the table” praying and serving Jesus with you in this generation.

Celebrate that she is not some distant stranger, but our sister in Christ, and that her God is our God too.

(Download the full report here.)

Step 3: Pray Daily

Download the Open Doors Prayer App. By doing this, you will receive requests from persecuted Christians, including the stories of many courageous women living out their faith at great risk to themselves. We invite you to bookmark this page and circle back to odusa.org/women for future stories and updates about the state of our Christian sisters around the world.

Stand with Your Sisters in Christ

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
- Proverbs 31:26